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Solar Shades
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Solar Shades block Heat & UV Rays

Solar Shades stop harmful UV rays coming into your rooms. They also keep out the burning heat of the sun. This helps control indoor temperature and keeps rooms cooler and more enjoyable to live in, as well as reducing the cost of cooling your home. Solar shades and blinds also gently diffuse natural sunlight. So they minimize glare from the sun. This makes them ideal for TV and computer rooms as well as bedrooms and living rooms. South, West and some East facing rooms need solar protection. We offer high-tech, low-cost solutions.

Solar shades can either hang on the inside or outside of your windows. The advantage of outdoor patio shades is that they block the sun before it even gets to the window. We uniquely offer external shades with low-cost solar powered motors. Also we have a huge range of manual  and motorized solar shades. This mean that you can close your outdoor shades with a remote control even when you are in the house. Just close your solar shades when you need to in summer. They are so much better looking and more functional than outdoor solar screens.

Indoor Solar Shades

  • Maximize energy efficiency and minimize glare
  • Wide variety of textures and fabrics
  • They maintain great outward visibility, even when the shade is fully lowered
  • Perfect choice for commercial applications, such as office buildings, restaurants and schools
  • Low cost motorization is available

Exterior Window / Patio Shades

  • Solar Shades are perfect for outside your windows and on your patio.
  • Keep that gorgeous view, but block that intense heat.
  • Our exterior shades are mildew-resistant, corrosion-resistant, even flame-retardant.
  • They minimize damage caused by the sun, making them a perfect choice for windows that face south or west.
  • And exterior patio shades provide privacy from neighbors by allowing you to see out without outsiders being able to see in.
  • We offer the ONLY Motorized Solar Shades that are powered by the sun. No electrical installation required!

Retractable Sunsetter Awnings

  • Available Motorized or Manual
  • Make your Patio into another room in the summer
  • Temperatures under the Awnings can be 20 degrees cooler than outside
  • Expert Design and Installation service provided
  • For a FREE Design Consultation call 702 755 9349 or CLICK on SUNSETTER AWNINGS

Insect and Golf Ball Resistant Patio Shades

  • Our beautiful, low-cost exterior window shades meet most needs
  • But, if you want heavy duty protective shades to block sun, insects and even golf balls we have the answer!
  • Solar Shades from Insolroll can turn your patio into another outside room
  • This is THE top of the range solution – it is not cheap, but it is special!

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