How to cover Arched or Curved Window

Window Coverings for an Arched or Curved Window

In Las Vegas and Henderson many of us have odd shaped windows. Arched or Curved windows are beautiful to look at. But do you know how to cover these windows in an attractive and stylish way that looks right and fits in with the rest of your house? There are a number of options. But we have covered three very different methods which we think add the most style, individuality and sophisticated glamour to your home.

Wood Shutters from Norman can be any shape

Shutters are stylish and flexible, so are an excellent option for irregular shaped or specialty windows arched or curved windows. For a window containing a half-circle you can choose a sunburst or have a continuous arch. You can also use shutters for ovals, hexagons, or for any strange shape that your windows come in.


Tableaux Faux Iron Grilles

If you want something really special and stylish then Faux Iron Designer Grilles from Tableaux may be something you will love. We can design them to fit absolutely ANY shape! They are a huge number of standard patterns available and we can even work with you to create a design unique for you! The only drawback with this option is they do not offer any UV protection and they give very limited privacy. If you are looking for something that is energy efficient and protective, this is not for you. But if you are looking for something unique then you should consider Tableaux Faux Iron Grilles. They will really stand out and enhance the look of your windows and make them extra special.


Fixed Shades with a Palladian Window Shelf

A Palladian Window Shelf is a horizontal bar across the wide part of the window just below where the window starts to narrow or curve in.  The space above the Palladian Shelf can either be left open to let in the light, or filled with a fixed Shade. The Palladian Shelf then is used as a fixing point for a shade underneath it. So an operable shade is below the shelf.  The photo displayed here shows an operable Roman Shade below the shelf and a fixed roman above it, thus giving a beautiful and consistent finish to the windows.



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