Hotel Drapes

Custom Drapes for Luxury Hotels

Everyone knows the huge Hotel/Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Equally well known is that there are lots of budget hotels offering very cheap rooms. But, there are numerous, beautiful, medium-size hotels in Las Vegas and Nevada that cater for the discerning tourist and business person. Many of these hotels are very stylish and have a charm and character that makes them stand out in a crowded market.

Custom Drapes and Draperies are distinctive and make a hotel more like a home away from home. Draperies are often used to create an opulent and unique spectacular showroom. For instance, the Royal Ballroom in the Thunderbird Hotel in old Vegas is a hugely popular room for events. Of course, draperies in each bedroom add class and refinement, as well as deadening sound, and blocking heat and light. Drapes can be made to match the overall design aesthetic of the hotel, so rather than being just a window covering they become a strong selling feature.

We are unique in Las Vegas and Nevada. With the State’s most experienced Drapery designer, and highly skilled Seamstresses making everything in our Las Vegas Workrooms, we offer a solution that no other company can compare with. All drapes are flameproofed to meet State regulations. Motorization is not only available for all drapes, but we offer 120 V, low voltage and battery options and the drapes can operate on your preferred voice, smartphone or remote control system. And naturally you will want Shades and Blinds in some areas, and we can design, supply and install these as well.

If you are managing a remodel, refurbishment or upgrade of a new or existing hotel then contact us for a Free professional Interior Design assessment of your window treatment requirements and find out how to cost-effectively have stunning and functional drapes in your hotel.

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