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Drapery Fabrics
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Drapery Fabrics

Your choice of drapery fabrics will depend upon many factors. The look, texture, light filtering, weight, color, design, pattern and feel. Our advice and huge sample stock will guide you every step of the way. Each has its own characteristics and we will be delighted to advise you and help you choose from our huge sample stock. The main fabric types are:
Cotton /Polyester /Silk /Faux Silk /Rayon /Linen /Satin /Taffeta /Velvet /Chenille /Sheers /Tapestry / Brocade.

Drapery Linings

Lined Drapes have a fabric backing. This is usually white or pale cream in cotton. Blackout, also knows as light-filtering, is also available and will greatly reduce the amount of light entering into the room. Drapery lining makes drapes hang better because it adds weight and body and can create full, well-defined pleats. It also gives curtains a polished, professional look.

All drapery linings will give extra heat and sound insulation. They can help save on heating costs by reducing drafts and heat loss during the winter, and can keep things cooler in the summer by blocking heat from the sun. Closing your curtains in the summer can reduce heat gain by up to a third. Lined draperies also dampens sound and can help block outside noises. Linings help protect your drapery from sun and dust and also moisture damage, increasing the life of your curtains. The sun can fade and damage fabric over time, so a lining provides a protective layer from harmful UV light, not only for the face fabric, but also for your furnishings.

Interlined draperies have an extra layer between the fabric and the drapery lining. This extra lining is called ‘Bump’ and is a blanket type fabric. It is particularly effective at thermal and noise insulation. Because it is thick, we use bump to create fuller, heavier looking draperies that have a luxurious feel.  We recommend always interlining Silk drapes.

Unlined drapes have a single layer of fabric hemmed at the sides and bottom. They give a lighter look by allowing more light into the room so they often work best in smaller spaces.


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