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Curtains & Drapes: Custom designed and made for your Home

Custom Curtains & Drapes will add style, grandeur and individuality to your home. They are the most sophisticated and opulent home window dressings!

We design and make the highest possible quality curtains and drapes. Our Design Director has specialized in designing and making Curtains and Drapes for over 20 years.  So nobody understands and loves Curtains and Drapes as much as we do! We offer a FREE no-obligation, design consultation in your home. Here we will expertly measure your windows and discuss with you the style and look you want to achieve. Then our design consultant will show you fabrics and discuss the colors, styles and designs that you like and that will enhance the beauty of your home. This means that you can choose the style of your dreams with the help and advice of our designer. Then we will individually design and custom-make everything for you.

Custom Designed & Made in Las Vegas

If you live in or near Las Vegas then you are welcome to visit our Showrooms and Workrooms and see our highly experienced seamstresses in action. We make 100% of our curtains and drapes in Las Vegas in our own Workrooms. This means that your get the individual style, quality and service that comes with a totally custom and personalized service.

Most companies selling curtains and drapes just take measurements and send them off to a manufacturer in another state. A salesperson who just sends measurements off to an out-of-state manufacturer is not a designer! So they are not giving you a true custom service and do not have the skill and expertise to ensure that your dream becomes reality.


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