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Curtain Rods
Curtain Rods, Poles & Tracks FREE Home Design Consultation:


Curtain Rods, Poles, Tracks & Drapery Fixings

We offer free expert advice on which curtain rods, poles or tracks will best match the drapes and curtains we are designing for you.

Curtain Rods and Poles

Custom Draperies look best on high quality curtain rods. This makes drapes look even more beautiful, and easy to open and close. It also lengthens their life by reducing wear. And, of course, correctly hung draperies are most effective at blocking heat, cold and light.  You can get everything you need from us for your curtains and draperies. Your designer will advise you on everything and answer all your questions.

Drapery Rods and Poles are normally wood or metal. Wrought Iron is a very popular choice. We hang your drapes underneath them, so the rods and poles are totally functional. However, Rods and Poles can also be highly decorative, or simply plain. So we often also use drapery rods and poles as a design feature to add to the beauty of your Draperies. A very popular design enhancement is to have Finials at both ends of the Rod. These are decorative end caps, and we offer a huge choice of styles and designs.

Drapery Tracks

Drapery tracks or header tracks are usually white plastic or metal. We insert hooks into the top of the drapes. Then these hoods attach to ‘gliders’ which move smoothly along the track. We normally hide tracks behind a Top Treatment, such as a Cornice or Valance. This is because tracks are highly functional but are not decorative. Of course the tracks can just be hidden behind the top of the Draperies. Because it is easy to bend tracks they are ideal for bay windows. Corded versions make it easy to pull your drapes. One huge advantage of tracks is if you want floor to ceiling draperies. This is because we can attach the tracks to the ceiling or very top of the wall, which is not possible with rods.

Holdbacks & Tie Backs

Holdbacks and Tie Backs are mechanisms for holding the draperies away from the window when the draperies are open. Most Holdbacks are metal, and range from plain to highly ornate. Other terms you may hear for them include drapery hooks and knobs. The shape and the terminology can vary a lot, but they all do the same job of holding back the draperies. We offer custom fabric Tie Backs. This may be the same fabric as the draperies, or a contrasting material. Alternatively, you can have tie backs in corded or tassel designs

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