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Cellular Shades
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Cellular Shades for  Heat & Light Insulation

Cellular Shades have a unique honeycomb construction. The cell structure provides superior energy efficiency by trapping a layer of air inside. The trapped air acts as a thermal insulator which helps warm your home in winter and keep the heat out in summer. So you get beautiful shades that act as a heat insulator.  If you want the most energy efficient window coverings available on the market then Honeycombs are the answer for you.

Our Cellular Shades do not have route holes. Since there are no holes for light to leak through they provide better light protection than other cellular shades. So you get superior light darkening and less light leakage. You can add the unique Light Guard option which minimizes light leaking around the edge of the shade.  And if you want serious light darkening for a TV or media room we have an option specially designed for this.  You can raise and lower the shade for light control and privacy. Top Down Bottom Up opening means that you can open the shade at the top or the bottom, or both! So, for instance, you could close the bottom for privacy and open the top to let in light during the day.

View the Video at the bottom of this page to see for yourself the benefits of choosing Cellular Honeycomb Shades.

Flexible Design Options of Honeycomb Shades

All our Cellular Shades have Child Safe operating mechanisms. This includes child and pet safe pull cords, cordless options and motorization.

We offer the widest range of both single cell and double cell sizes. This means that you have more choice as to the look of the shade. And you can choose a larger cell size for larger windows so the relative proportions looks perfect. The flexibility of design also means that cell shades are ideal for arches and curved or irregularly shaped windows.

Cell shades are made of a woven polyester fabric treated to resist stains and static electricity. This makes them durable and long lasting  and easy to clean and with edges that won’t fray. The shades can cover large areas with a solid piece of fabric with no visible seams. There is a wide range of colors and textures available in everything from light and sunny sheers to blackout fabrics. The neutral reverse side of the fabric provides a clean smooth look from the outside.

Top Down, Bottom Up, No light leakage, no visible cords

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